Scruffer Lovers Inc.

Our Story

Learn about how Scruffer Lovers came to be, and what we are all about.


Where We Began

Scruffer Lovers was founded 15 years ago, assisting the Murray Bridge council pounds in rehoming pound dogs to avoid facing euthanasia.

In 2019 Scruffer Lovers applied for charity and DGR status as an incorporated association, and we became Scruffer Lovers Inc.

How We Care for Dogs

Some dogs come to us with a terminal illness and we place them in medical foster homes to see out their lives in a loving home. When the time comes to have them put to sleep, their carers are there with them in their last moments.

Our large foster care base enables us to place dogs in loving homes with experienced foster carers who work alongside our team, to prepare the dogs for their forever homes.

We work alongside Veterinary Behaviourists and Behavioural Trainers to ensure positive outcomes for these dogs, in preparation for rehoming.

We have veterinarians who assist us with microchipping, vaccinations and health checks. They also assist us with the dogs who have medical issues and their support enables us to achieve positive medical outcomes.

Always Improving

Scruffer Lovers Inc. is constantly growing and reaching out to veterinary specialists and training experts to assist us to rehabilitate all the dogs coming into rescue.

We pride ourselves on the animal welfare standards that we uphold by ensuring each animal is treated as an individual whose needs are our top priority.